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The Crawling Squid offers thousands of tattoo pictures, ideas and concepts for you to check out.



At the Crawling Squid Tattoo Shop, we are a service that is staffed by exceptional artists. The shop owner, Dale, and his artists are committed to creating original and fascinating tattoo art. Through the transfer of works of art and ideas onto skin, we enable customers to successfully express themselves.

There are all types of tattoo shops, but we strive to be the best. We have been providing high quality tattoos to customers in Phoenix for over twenty years.

Here are some reasons why you should select our tattoo shop:

1. We have a no compromising stance on the quality of work generated by this shop.
2. We hire only the best tattooers.
3. The Crawling Squid has a fascinating history of great tattoo artists.
4. We have been awarded the New York Times Best of Phoenix Award twice.
5. WE put out the bold, clean, classic tattoos are patrons have come to expect from us.
6. Custom work is available and encouraged here. Talk to an artist.
7. Our color work is remarkably good.

For a consultation, call and ask for Evan, Dale, Jason, Johnny or Garrett. We have exceptional artists who sit in occasionally. That would be Aaron Coleman and Mando Rascman of Immaculate Tattoo in Mesa, AZ.

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